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Prototyping Challange

About the Event

The "Prototyping Challenge 2023" is an event where students of R.V.R & J.C College of Engineering come together to design, develop, and showcase innovative prototypes or solutions to specific challenges. The event is phase-II of Smart Idea Contest 2023 which was conducted in September 2023. The selected teams of SIC 2023 developed prototypes and showcase their prototypes in the challenge. Innoforge: Ideate & Prototype club successfully conducted the "Prototyping Challenge 2023" on November 18, 2023.

Objective of the Event

Prototyping Challenge 2023 offers a dynamic and engaging environment for students to apply their knowledge, creativity, and teamwork skills to solve real-world problems and innovate for the future. This competition seeks to identify exemplary prototypes deserving financial support from the college administration and contribute to the holistic educational experience and help prepare students for careers in various fields.

Benefits/Outputs of the Event

  • Innovative Solutions: The event fosters the creation of novel solutions to real-world problems by encouraging participants to think creatively and develop unique prototypes.
  • Promote problem-solving culture: The event is instrumental in nurturing innovation and fostering a culture of problem solving among the students.
  • Recognition and Validation: Participants receive recognition and validation for their efforts and achievements, boosting their confidence and motivation to continue pursuing their goals and aspirations.
  • Output Showcase: The event culminates in a showcase where participants demonstrate their prototypes to judges, peers, and the public, highlighting the tangible outcomes of their hard work and ingenuity.
  • Financial Support: Depending on the competition's structure, winning teams may receive financial assistance, grants, or scholarships to further develop their prototypes or pursue related projects, providing them with additional resources to bring their ideas to fruition.
  • Student Participation & Judging Process

    Top Teams Selected for Funding


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