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Alumni Cell: Building Bridges and Fostering Connections

The Alumni Cell acts as a bridge, fostering a mutually beneficial relationship between graduates (alumni) and their former institution (alma mater). This connection allows alumni to stay connected with each other and the institute. They can give back by sharing their expertise, inspiring current students and fellow alumni, and contributing to the institute's continued success.

Alumni Cell Members:
Position Name of the Faculty Mobile No. Email ID
Former Convener Dr. K. Ravindra
Mechanical Engg.
9849660254 ravindra.kom@gmail.com
Convenor Dr. K. Swarnasri
Electrical & Electronics Engg
9848030499 swarnasrik@gmail.com
Co-Convenor Dr.S. Radhika
Assoc. Professor
Mechanical Engg.
9885138903 sajja99@gmail.com
Member Dr.M.Srikanth
Assoc. Professor
Computer Science &Engg.
9618455466 medasrikanth@gmail.com
Member Dr.G.Kavitha
Asst. Professor
Chemical Engineering
9160429369 sri.kavitha09@gmail.com
Member Dr. K. Surya Narayana
Assoc. Professor
Management Sciences
7702123673 suryanarayana_k@yahoo.com
Member Mrs. P.P.S.Subhashini
Assoc. Professor
Electronics & Communication Engg.
9989499310 k_shiva_111@yahoo.co.in
Member Smt M. Chaitanya
Asst. Professor, M.C.A.
8309278127 chaitanya.mca1@gmail.com
Member Mr V.Venkata Srinivasu
Asst. Professor
Information Technology
9492903731 vasuveesam@gmail.com
Member Sri B. Sarath Chandra
Asst. Professor, Electrical &Electronics Engg.
94401790295 sarath.boppudi@gmail.com
Member Ms. N. Tejaswini
Asst. Professor, Civil Engg.
94401790295 tejaswininandipati82@gmail.com
Member Sri TNS Rama Krishna
Asst. Professor,Mechanical Engg.
8985902887 tnskrishna@rvrjc.ac.in
Member Mrs. K. Aravinda
Asst. Professor, CSBS
94401790295 aravindakasukurthi@gmail.com
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