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Govt. Funded Research Projects

S. No.Type of ProjectProject TitleChief Co-Ordinator, DepartmentAmount sanctioned (in lakhs) Year of SanctionStatus
1Minor Research Project (UGC) Flow forming behavior of extra deep drawn AI6061 under warm deep drawing.Mrs. D.Swapna 3.15 OCT 2017Completed
2Minor Research Project (UGC) Purification and Proteomics of thermotolerant lipase isolated from Aspergillus sps. infesting oil seedsDr. K. Sobha 1.82 JUN 2017Completed
3Minor Research Project (UGC) A Kinetic Study for photo catalytic degradation of organic contaminants using nano-coated catalystsSmt. M. Sudheera 1.71 JUN 2017Completed
4Minor Research Project (UGC) Studies on the Removal of Trace Organics, Chlorides and Fluorides from Ground Water in Coastal Regions of Andhra Pradesh using Continuous Fixed Bed Adsorption ColumnDr. P. Rohini Kumar 2.05 JUN 2017Completed
5FIST (DST) Fund for Improvement of Science & Technology Infrastructure in Higher EducationDr. K. Chandra Sekhar 17.5 NOV 2015Ongoing
6Major Research Project (UGC) Skeleton based Shape Representation Techniques for Object RecognitionDr. A. Srikrishna 10.25 OCT 2015Ongoing
7Major Research Project (DST) Segmentation of Medical images using Multi objective Evolutionary OptimizationDr.K.Kartheeka 11.84 NOV 2013Completed
8Major Research Project (UGC) Fabrication and Characterization of Nano A1203 reinforced Magnesium Metal Matrix CompositesDr.K.Ravindra 4.36 FEB 2013Completed
9Major Research Project (UGC) Tool Condition Monitoring in Hard Turning using Acoustic Emission and Vibration SignatureDr.K.Srinivas 8.07 FEB 2013Completed
10Major Research Project (UGC) Analysis of Ultra Wide BandSignal Attenuation through Typical Building MaterialsDr. Alapati Sudhakar 9.03 JAN 2013Completed
11RPS (AICTE) Development and Characterization of high strength polymer matrix composites reinforcing with metallic glass particulates Dr. K.Ravindra 11.9 FEB 2012Completed
12Major Research Project (UGC) Right Jacobson radicals for right near-ringsDr.R.Srinivasa Rao 6.88 JUN 2010Completed
13Major Research Project (UGC) Synthesis and analysis of bioactive novel phosphorus heterocyclic compoundsDr.N.J.Reddy 7.36 JUN 2008Completed
14Major Research Project (UGC) Array Antennas for 'Design of thegeneration of Shaped Beams'Dr. Alapati Sudhakar 11.68 JAN 2008Completed
15RPS (AICTE) Integrated reservoir operation - Irrigation scheduling by dynamic programming.Dr.A.Srinivasa Prasad 1.4 MAR 2003Completed
16TSD (DST) Segmentation of Medical Images using Multi-Objective Evolutionary OptimizationDr. K. Karteeka Pavan 11.34 JAN 2003Completed
17RPS (AICTE) Integrated Reservoir Operation-Irrigation Scheduling by Dynamic ProgrammingSri.A.S. Prasad 1.4 JUN 2002Completed
18Major Research Project (UGC) Phytochemistry & Biological Activity of Cuscuta CinensisDr.N.J.Reddy 3.5 JUN 2002Completed
19RPS (AICTE) Hygrothermal effects on free vibration and buckling of fiber reinforced laminated composite plates using higher-Dr.K.Srinivasu 2 JUN 2000Completed
20RPS (AICTE) Accelerated Infiltration Structures Design and Study.Dr.P.Ch.Sanjeeva Rao 4 APR 1999Completed
21Major Research Project (UGC) Development of Analytical Methods with special refDr.L.Rama Dev 3 JUN 1998Completed
22Major Research Project (UGC) Phyto Chemistry and Biological Activity of AcanthDr.N.J.Reddy 4.6 JUN 1998Completed
23RPS (AICTE) Structural Behaviour of Fibre Reinforced Plastic Composite Shells using a Higher-order-theory.Dr.K.S.Sai Ram 3 MAY 1997Completed
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