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Industrial Funded Research Projects

S. No.Type of ProjectProject TitleProject Investigator,
Co-PIs, Department
Amount sanctioned (in lakhs) Year of SanctionStatus
1Industrial Research Project Analysis and identification on groundwater potential zones and artificial recharge zones by using Remote Sensing and GIS techniques for Guntur District, Andhra Pradesh, IndiaDr.R.Chandramohan 5 FEB 2022Ongoing
2Industrial Research Project Manufacturing of transparent soapDr. C.V. Subrahmanyam 2.5 FEB 2022Ongoing
3Industrial Research Project COD removal from pharmaceutical effluents using fenton reagentDr. C.V.Subrahmanyam Prof 2.5 FEB 2022Ongoing
4Industrial Research Project Maize leaf diseases image classification using Machine Learning TechniquesDr. G. Rama Mohan Babu,
Dr. N. Venkateswara Rao
5 FEB 2022Ongoing
5Industrial Research Project Effect of elevated temperature on concrete using copper slag as partial replacement of fine aggregate.Dr.J.Usha Kranti 5 FEB 2022Ongoing
6Industrial Research Project Smart Switch Board - An IoT based Energy Monitoring solutionDr. N.Renuka,
Dr D.Eswara Chaitanya, Dr P.Suresh Kumar, Smt P.Sailaja
6.5 DEC 2021Ongoing
7Industrial Research Project Robotic Retail Stock Assessment with Image Processing TechniqueDr. G.Sudhavani,
Dr X.Ascar Davix, Mr N.Sudheer Kumar, Mr P.V.Krishna Kanth
6.5 DEC 2021Ongoing
8Industrial Research Project Hiding E-Maps using image SteganographyDr. M.Pompapathi 4 DEC 2021Ongoing
9Industrial Research Project Attendance Management System based on Face IdentificationDr. V. Sesha Srinivas,
Mr. V. Venkat Srinivas, Mr. K.Gowrisankar, Smt.G.Swetha
6 DEC 2021Ongoing
10Industrial Research Project Design and Development of SIW Cavity backed antennas for Wi-Fi applicationsMr. D.Jagadeesh,
Mr. B.Lokeshwar, Mr. U.Rama Krishna, Dr. A.Sudhakar
8 MAR 2020Completed
11Industrial Research Project Design and Development of Various Micro Strip Patch Array Antennas for the Generation of Ramp and Stair-Step PatternsDr. J.Ravindranadh,
Mr. S.Ramesh Babu, Mr. N.Pavan Kumar
3.5 MAR 2020Completed
12Industrial Research Project Healthcare Analytics using Atmosphere IoTDr. T.Ranga Babu,
Sri P.Siva Prasad
4.25 MAR 2020Completed
13Industrial Research Project Design, Simulation and Development of Micro Strip Patch Antenna with Defected Ground StructuresDr. M.V.Siva Prasad,
Ms. T.Suneetha, Mr. K.Anil Kumar
3.5 MAR 2020Completed
14Industrial Research Project Design and Development of Voice compression andrecognition algorithms using Mel FrequencyCepstral CoefficientsDr. M.Satya Sai Ram,
Smt. P.P.S.Subhashini, Ms. K.Sravanthi
3.5 MAR 2020Completed
15Industrial Research Project Condition Assessment of existing road network in rural area of Amaravati region constructed on expansive soilDr.P.Samatha Chaowdary 3 MAR 2020Ongoing
16Industrial Research Project Design and development of chloride resistant concrete.Dr.N.V. Sairam Kumar 4 MAR 2020Ongoing
17Industrial Research Project Experimental Analysis of Sub and Super Structure Embedded in Cohesive and Cohesionless SoilsDr. M. Rama Rao 5 MAR 2020Ongoing
18Industrial Research Project Design and Analysis of a High Rise Building With Different Plan Configurations using ETABS SoftwareMr.B.Krishna Chaitanya 3 MAR 2020Ongoing
19Industrial Research Project Manufacture of DisinfectantDr. D.N.V. Satyanarayana,
Sri. K. Siva Prasada Rao
2.5 MAR 2020Ongoing
20Industrial Research Project Manufacture of Liquid SoapDr. K. Sobha,
Smt. M. Sudheera
2.5 MAR 2020Ongoing
21Industrial Research Project Waste Management in Flexible packingDr. K. Ramesh Chandra,
Smt.J. Lakshmi Jayanthi
2.5 MAR 2020Ongoing
22Industrial Research Project Risk Assessment in Pouch MakingDr. P. Rohini Kumar,
Dr. G. Kavitha
2.5 MAR 2020Ongoing
23Industrial Research Project Tree Counting from Remote Sensing Data Using Deep Convolution Neural Network ModelDr.N.Venkateswara Rao 4 MAR 2020Ongoing
24Industrial Research Project An Integrated and Automated Vehicle Management System with the Internet of ThingsDr.A.Sri Nagesh 4.8 MAR 2020Ongoing
25Industrial Research Project An efficient video compression framework using Deep Learning TechniquesDr.R.Lakshmi Tulasi 5 MAR 2020Ongoing
26Industrial Research Project Automatic model for disease identification in cotton plants using Deep LearningDr.Ch.Sudha Sree 1.2 MAR 2020Ongoing
27Industrial Research Project Application of Machine Learning for Non-Conventional Energy Sources (Solar PV-Systems)Dr. A. Rama Koteswara Rao,
Mr. P. Venkata Mahesh, Mr. P. Siva Krishna
5 MAR 2020Ongoing
28Industrial Research Project Bidirectional DC-DC Power Converter CircuitK. Radha Rani,
Dr. N. Chaitanya, Dr. Y. Ravindranath
2.75 MAR 2020Ongoing
29Industrial Research Project Real time Energy Monitoring SystemDr. K. Swarnasri,
Mr. B. V. Vasantha Rao, Dr. N.C. Kotaiah
2.25 MAR 2020Ongoing
30Industrial Research Project Performance analysis of Doubly-Fed Induction Generator based Wind energy conversion systemDr.G. Sambasiva Rao,
Mr. Y. Sumanth, Mr. G. Veeranjaneyulu
5 MAR 2020Ongoing
31Industrial Research Project Attendance Monitoring System using Machine Learning Dr.A.Sri Krishna,
Dr.V.Sesha Srinivas, Smt.N.Neelima, Sri M.Siddardha Kumar
5 MAR 2020Ongoing
32Industrial Research Project Offline Signature Verification Based On Local Patterns.Dr.Nagamalleswara Rao,
Sri K.Srinivasa Rao, Sri A.Yaswanth Kumar, Smt. G.Swtha
5 MAR 2020Ongoing
33Industrial Research Project An Image Tamper Detection and Recovery Method Using Multiple WatermarksDr.M.Pompapathi,
Sri V.Venkata Srinivasu, Sri K.Gowri Sankar, Sri B.Satish Babu
5 MAR 2020Ongoing
34Industrial Research Project Evaluation and Optimisation of Process Parameters for Agitation In Concrete MixingDr. C. Tara Sasanka 4 MAR 2020Ongoing
35Industrial Research Project Improvement of COP of Air-Conditioning Systems By Using Different Types of Insulations And Nano-Compressor oilDr.N.V.V.S. Sudheer 4.5 MAR 2020Ongoing
36Industrial Research Project Mechanical and Electrical Behaviour of Boron &Vanadium Doped Fe-6.5? (WT. %) Si Soft Magnetic Alloy Ribbons Fabricated By Direct Powder RollingDr. K.Praveen Kumar 5.5 MAR 2020Ongoing
37Industrial Research Project Development and Characterization of Boron & Vanadium Doped Fe-6.5(WT. %) Si Soft Magnetic Alloy Ribbons With TiO2 CoatingsDr. Rama Koteswara Rao 4.5 MAR 2020Ongoing
38Industrial Research Project Investigation on Performance Improvement Methods of Transformer Using Nano Fluids In The Perspective of CoolingDr. K. Bala Prasad 4 MAR 2020Ongoing
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