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College Funded Research Projects

S. No.Type of ProjectProject TitleProject Investigator,
Amount sanctioned (in lakhs) Year of SanctionStatus
1Internal Research Project (RVR&JC) Advanced Learning and Decision making system for Analysis of Breast Tissues.Dr.Ch.Suneetha 0.3 OCT 2019Ongoing
2Internal Research Project (RVR&JC) Novel algorithms for microarray gene clustering in association with breast cancerT.Hymavathi,
Dr. K. Karteeka Pavan
0.3 OCT 2019Ongoing
3Internal Research Project (RVR&JC) Study on Flow and Strength properties of Fiber- Reinforced Self- Compacting ConcreteMr.B.Krishna Chaitanya 0.4 OCT 2019Ongoing
4Internal Research Project (RVR&JC) Removal of dyes from Textile waste water by water Hyacinth: Batch and Column studiesMr.M.Srikanth Kumar 0.4 OCT 2019Ongoing
5Internal Research Project (RVR&JC) A Deep Convolution Neural Network model for Recognition of Handwritten Digits using Skeleton Shape FeaturesDr.N.Venkateswara Rao 0.3 OCT 2019Ongoing
6Internal Research Project (RVR&JC) A Comprehensive Study and Design of Human Emotion Recognition System using Deep Learning TechniquesDr.Ch.Aparna 0.5 OCT 2019Ongoing
7Internal Research Project (RVR&JC) An Automatic Image Description Generation System: A Deep learning ApproachDr.R.Lakshmi Tulasi 0.3 OCT 2019Ongoing
8Internal Research Project (RVR&JC) Denoising of Audio Sigals using CNNMs. K.Sravanthi,
Dr. T.Ranag Babu
0.3 OCT 2019Completed
9Internal Research Project (RVR&JC) Design and Analysis of Dual-Band, Miniaturized Substrate Integrated Waveguide AntennasMr. D.Jagadeesh 0.45 OCT 2019Completed
10Internal Research Project (RVR&JC) Precision AgricultureMr. N Sudheer Kumar 0.55 OCT 2019Completed
11Internal Research Project (RVR&JC) Performance Enhancement of Doubly fed Induction Generator for Renewable Energy Source ApplicationsDr.G. Sambasiva Rao,
Mr. Y. Sumanth
0.7 OCT 2019Ongoing
12Internal Research Project (RVR&JC) Campus Energy Monitoring System Using IOTMr. B. Veera Vasantha Rao 0.3 OCT 2019Ongoing
13Internal Research Project (RVR&JC) Design and Implementation of least power point control in single phase solar photo voltaic systemMr. P. Siva Krishna 0.4 OCT 2019Ongoing
14Internal Research Project (RVR&JC) Common Mode Voltage Elimination Scheme for Inverter fed Five phase AC DrivesMr. Y. Suri Babu 0.3 OCT 2019Ongoing
15Internal Research Project (RVR&JC) An Automated Learning Code Summerization Using Anatomy and Auto Folding FrameworksDr. M. Ramesh,
Sri K. Subramanyam
0.4 OCT 2019Ongoing
16Internal Research Project (RVR&JC) Evaluation and optimization of process parameters during heat transfer of coal water slurry used in coal gasification plantDr C. Tara Sasanka,
Sri J.P. Karthik
0.4 OCT 2019Ongoing
17Internal Research Project (RVR&JC) Experimental investigation of herbal based Nano cutting Fluids with MQL in optimization of turningD. Kondala Rao,
Dr. G. Srinivasa Rao
0.4 OCT 2019Ongoing
18Internal Research Project (RVR&JC) Performance evaluation of Nickel coated Alumina Reinforced AZ91E magnesium compisites for alloy wheel applicationsCh Devaraj 0.3 OCT 2019Ongoing
19Internal Research Project (RVR&JC) Diagnosis of Diabetic Retinopathy using Convolutional Neural NetworksMr. K.Ashok Kumar,
Dr. G.Sudhavani
0.3 OCT 2019Completed
20Internal Research Project (RVR&JC) Hybrid Parameters for Compression of Speech SignalDr. M.Satya Sai Ram 0.45 SEP 2019Completed
21Internal Research Project (RVR&JC) Design, Simulation and Analysis of Broad band Substrate Integrated Waveguide Cavity Backed Slot Antennas for Polarization Diversity applicationMr. B.Lokeshwar 0.45 AUG 2019Completed
22Internal Research Project (RVR&JC) Synthesis of Optimized Shaped Beam Patterns using Array AntennasMr. S.Ramesh Babu 0.3 JAN 2019Completed
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